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Roseville Alignment Services

Roseville Aligment Services | Made in America RosevilleHaving your wheels properly aligned will insure that your vehicle will handle and steer properly as designed by the manufacturer. Having your vehicle properly aligned by a certified technician using the latest computer alignment equipment will also add life to your tires. Your tires can be a significant expense and you want them to wear properly and last as long as possible.

Some of the ways your vehicle's alignment could be out of calibration are: bumping into curbs, pot holes, worn or bent steering and suspension components, or even from normal wear and tear and settling of suspension bushings and springs.

There is more to an alignment then just getting the tires pointing the right direction. A good alignment technician will also be able to also identify worn or failing suspension components that could be contributing to excessive tire wear and handling. Your safety and vehicle stability depend on a safe and reliable steering and suspension components. Our technicians are trained to inspect all components that can adversely affect the steering and handling of your vehicle. While checking and adjusting the alignment of the front and rear wheels, they will also inspect the ball joints, bushings, wheel bearings, tie rods, control arms, tires, other suspension components, and power steering components. All of which can make the difference between a good alignment and one where some Gomer simply adjusts everything until the machine gets in the "green".

As always, Made in Japan Made in America will only use steering and suspension components that can live up to our 2 year 24,000 mile national warranty! With over 20+ years in the Roseville auto repair business, we know which parts last and which ones won't.  Stop by Made In Japan Made In America for your next Roseville alignment service.  

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