Rent 2 Wrench > Questions and FAQS


 Q: Can I bring my own tools?

A: You sure can and we encourage it.  If you already have your own tools or that special favorite one, no problem. It will keep your costs down.  Keep in mind that it you don't have tools or find that you need something that you didn't have, we do rent tool carts and specialty tools that will help you get what you need done.  R2W can NOT be responsible for lost property brought in by customers.

 Q: Can I paint my vehicle at Rent 2 Wrench Auto Repair Shops?
A: Unfortunately not. Our facility is not properly equipped for body type work. We specialize in full service auto repair and service.

Q: What should I bring for my repair?
A: You should bring any parts and supplies that it will take to get your project done within the time you've rented the bay. No worries if you forgot something or find yourself needing a part. We can order and sell you parts and supplies just like if you went down to the store and picked them up yourself. This will save you time and headaches.

Q: What if my repair takes longer than my reserved time or I need to work later than normal rental hours?
A: Based upon bay availability, you can simply stay longer and continue your bay rental to complete your repair.  In the event the schedule is loaded, see our manager about possibly scheduling a second visit when a bay becomes available to get your job done. If you find yourself close to the end of the day and need a couple of hours more to avoid a next day rental, ask your manager if there is any staff member willing to stay longer for you. "After hours" rates will apply and after hours renting is subject to staff willingness and availability.

Q: Do you provide tire sales, repairs, or balancing?
A: Nope, we have found it much more affordable for you if we refer you to America's Tire Store to get that handled. We can, however, handle the alignment for you.

Q: What if I find that I've gotten over my head on a job?
A: Our staff is always happy to lend some helpful advise. Due to our strict insurance policies, workman's comp, OSHA, and the Bureau of Automotive Repair, our staff is not permitted to perform any repairs while the vehicle is under the Rent 2 Wrench roof. However, we can make arrangements to end your bay rental and direct the needed service or repairs to our full service facility Made in Japan-Made in America, which is located on the same property.


Q: Am I insured or is my vehicle/property covered by the shop's insurance?
A: No, you are required to have your own insurance and are responsible for your own property while its on our property. All clients will have to sign a release of liability waiver form prior to occupying any bay.


Q: Can I run over to the repair shop to get some assistance? 

A: If you need some assistance, need to order parts/supplies, or have a question, please talk to the service manager. He/she will do what they can to get you taken care of. Please do not interrupt our technicians. They may have a tight schedule and have obligations to satisfy before the end of the day.